Mt. Rainier and Olympic National Parks

(June 2008)

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Elaine, Sierra, Cooper and I had a nice 8 day "car camping" trip to the Mt. Rainier and Olympic National Parks.

Scott, Gena, Gracine and Nicholas were able to join us for the Mt. Rainier portion of the trip, making for great travel companions on hikes and playing around camp.

After the Siegel's departed for Portland, we headed up to the Olympic National Park where we were shocked by the blown down (old growth) trees caused by the wind storms over the winter (130 m.p.h. +).  All of the rain forests along the western side of the park were affected, so we opted to spend time along the coast where Sierra and Cooper thoroughly enjoyed exploring tide pools.

As always, it was a little bit depressing to leave the idyllic Northwest for the hot and humid Midwest.

To see photos from the trip, click here for a gallery view, or here for a slideshow view.


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