New York City - Kiev (Ukraine)

(July 2010)

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For those of you who would rather jump right to the photos, click here for the gallery view, or here for a slideshow view.

Trip report

I had a fun whirlwind trip to New York City and Kiev (Ukraine), spending the better part of a day exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC before flying over to Kiev with Elaine as she worked the trip.  Elaine and I had a fantastic time aimlessly meandering the large boulevards, back alleys and public squares of the former Soviet city on her 24 hour layover.

Growing up towards the end of the Cold War, visiting Kiev seemed an impossibility, with the constant war-like political posturing between the leaders of the USSR and USA.  Traveling to the Soviet Union seemed even less possible than visiting China.  It is amazing to me that a mere 30 years later a whirlwind trip like this is no big deal.  Adding to this bizarre new World order, Delta put us up in a swanky four star hotel, which is something Elaine and I would never splurge on.  Yes indeed, we weren’t in Camas anymore . . .

Although I spent as much time on the ground in Kiev as it took for me to get there and back, I’d do it again in a heart-beat!  I love experiencing new places, along with the feeling of “getting the hell out of dodge”!  (Even when “dodge” is the paradise of the Northwest).

A special thanks to Grandma Nita and Grandpa Bill for watching Sierra, Cooper and McKenzie.  I couldn’t have gone without your help!

Photos from the trip:  Click here for the gallery view, or here for a slideshow view.

Click here for a map of the area

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