A gift for Chad

(April 2006)

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As many of you know, Chad has been down in Louisiana working for F.E.M.A. helping to repair that hurricane devastated land.  For those of you who are thinking, ahh, isn't that a wonderful humanitarian gesture on his part, consider this.  One could make roughly the same bloated tax payer supported salary by working for Halliburton in Iraq putting their life in jeopardy, or by being a 'tent guy' working for F.E.M.A. in Louisiana.  Good choice Chad.  But I digress, Chad, after a seven month stint (when is the last time you were gone from home that long. . . working manual labor), is going to take some time off.  As part of this time off he is going to be stopping by the old Woodard homestead out here in Kentucky (to catch the running of the 'Derby' before heading out to Portland), and I thought it would be appropriate to get him a gift to show that I care, and I am impressed with his grueling work in a ravaged land.  That, and I forgot his birthday last year.
So what do you get the guy who has everything?  No overhead.  No commitments.  No relationships to tie him down.  A guy who has a pocket full of cash, and a condo in the Pearl (that is probably paid off after his 'tent guy' labor for F.E.M.A.) . . . He has a clear head and the ability to follow his nose in the direction it chooses to take him.  The world is his oyster.  What do you get a guy like that?
It has taken me literally months to round up my gift for him.  Knowing that he is a P.B.R. fan, I think the gift will retain a hallowed spot in a ziplock baggie at the back of his junk drawer.
The gift was just finished tonight.  The Q of diamonds made it complete.   A 'full deck'.



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