Cabinfest talent show 2004

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August 14th, 2004

We tried something a little different this year.  Shannon, Kerri and Kathy suggested a talent show (see original video here).  And although I was skeptical at first, the show ended up being a resounding success! 

Shannon and Dustin took over to make sure the show went off without a hitch (they both must have spent way to much time in after hourís drama activities growing up).  If not for their motivation, the gang could have just as easily sat around drinking beer (wait a minute . . . thatís what we did).  Thank you Shannon and Dustin making the talent show happen!

Thank you to everyone who made the trip down to the 2004 Cabinfest!  It was great to see you!  We hope to see those of you who were unable to make it in 2004 in 2005.

Unfortunately the audio quality is sketchy at best.  As the video progresses into the show, you will need to turn up the volume on your computer to be able to catch some of the hilarious dialogue.  Maybe next year we can incorporate a P.A. into the mix for better sound quality.

Also, some of the stories couldnít be edited into this video, more for their bad audio quality than incriminating subject matter. 

With that in mind, enjoy the show.

Cabinfest talent show 2004


Length: 21 minutes 42 seconds


  • Neal giving fair warning

  • Shannon and Dustin getting things started

  • Monkey the wonder dog and Kyle

  • Chris amazing the crowd with his whistling

  • Chad makes a self proclaimed ass of himself

  • Dustin tells everyone how he feels

  • Mandy Nugget plays guitar (a.k.a. Neal)

  • Jake juggles

  • Dustin talks about his driving record

  • Rob does an impression

  • Shannon explains how to do an improvisation skit

  • Kyle, Lyssa, Leah and Jason do an improvisation skit

  • One last look at the beautiful Oregon scenery . . . Ahh, isnít that nice.

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