The car rally that didn't happen

March - April 2007

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Our original plans for touring China had us participating in the "Classic-Car Rally Hong Kong to Beijing" March 21st - April 12th.  The rally was to be truly a "once in a lifetime experience", providing my dad and I with not only cars to drive (see photos below), but food and lodging as well (The story behind the trip).  Unfortunately we, along with the paying rally participants, ended up being swindled by Deiter Hornig of  Looking back, everyone (the paying participants, SCM and us) got caught up in the possibility of this once in a lifetime experience, discounting the (now blatantly obvious) red flags.  Hindsight is 50/50.  The whole experience supports the old adage - if something sounds to good to be true, it usually is.

We were to periodically switch cars with other groups (event organizers as well as another S.C.M. team) through out the rally, alternating between a 1951 Chinese police car (Russian made), a 1949 Mercedes Benz 170 D Convertible, a 1963 Volvo 122S, and a Russian car that was given to on one of Mao's Generals - Peng Dehuai - by Stalin.  See photos of the cars below

The course was to meander 4,000 km up the East coast of China, and was scheduled to take 16 days.  There is a bunch more information on the rally as well as maps of our route and an assortment of photos at the links below. 

The rally's website has a ton of information, all of it bullshit.  It was part of what suckered us in.  Feel free to check it out.

The route (scroll down and check out the links in the "province" column):

Google Earth files of the rally route.

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Update 17 April 2007

An "anti Deiter Hornig" website has been established to try and dissuade future rally enthusiasts from participating in events organized by the the man.

Map with the proposed layover cities (for an interactive 3D map, see the Google Earth info above).

The rides that were promised, but never materialized.

1951 Chinese police car (Russian made)

1949 Mercedes Benz 170 D Convertible

Another photo of the 1949 Mercedes Benz 170 D Convertible

1963 Volvo 122S

A Russian car with an interesting history.

This car was given to General Peng Dehuai (under Mao) by Stalin.

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