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Shanghai - the second time around

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2 April 2007


After flying to Shanghai from Pingyao, my dad called the rally gang only to find out that they were days behind schedule.  The event had also turned from a "rally" to a freeway caravan up the East coast of China, which didn't sound like it would be worth waiting for.  So we are "officially" done trying to hook up with the rally (yea!).  As long as we were in Shanghai, we decided to explore the Shanghai Museum, which has a fantastic collection of stone, pottery, bronze, porcelain, calligraphy, paintings, stamps, money, and furniture all of which were presented in a well laid out way.  We also had a good time exploring the city.  For what ever reason I enjoyed Shanghai better this time around than last.  Maybe it was the weather, or maybe I was just in a better mood, but in any case I found it nicer this time.

My dad and I went to a restaurant with great seafood (which we enjoyed) , but there were more interesting things on the menu.  The two that stood out most were pigeon and dog.  Mmm . . . dog.  I guess now we know where the meat goes from the "wolf pelts" we have been seeing.

As we were no longer bound to the rally, we hopped a flight to Beijing this evening and are looking forward to seeing the sights tomorrow.

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Crouds on Nanjing

City porters

Modern skyline

Modern skyline

Modern skyline

Modern skyline

Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum

Porcelain detail

Bamboo scafolding

Bamboo scafolding tie downs - scary



Chinese flag




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