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Merry Christmas!

      This past year has been full of changes, adjustments and challenges.  We started out the year with all four of us being sick still living in our miserable little apartment.  In February, we moved into our new house and things have been looking up ever since.

      Jake has been adjusting to living in the mid west.  I can't really say that he likes it - but he is biding his time until we can move back out west.  He is staying home with Sierra and Cooper and doing a wonderful job.  He has been passing the time by looking forward to his getaways out of the flat lands.  Some things will never change and Jake is still jonesing for the snow.  The ski reports are bookmarked on the computer and he searches them daily.  He also spends lots of time on our web site.  It is great and a great way for everyone to keep up on what is going on with our family.

      Sierra is doing great.  She is truly at a wonderful age.  She is eager to please but yet is very independent.  She has officially started school two mornings a week and loves every minute of it.  She also loves going to the library for story hour and couldn't be happier to than coming home with an armful of new books.  She has become such a big girl - big girl underwear, big girl bed, big girl school and a very, very good big sister!  She has become a very good traveler (which makes mom and dad very happy) carrying her own backpack with her doll, blanket, books and snacks.  She is pretty much self contained.  She loves to fly on an airplane and adjusts to the time zone changes with no problem.

      Cooper, on the other hand, is not quite there yet.  He is also doing very well - but just in his own way.  Sleeping is still not his strong suit.  I know what you are thinking - 18 months and still not sleeping through the night?  Don't worry - we are thinking it too!  Just when we hit a good patch with him sleeping all night long - he will get a cold, or he starts teething or we go on vacation and he just can't seem to get on schedule.  Good thing he is so cute - or else!!  He loves being with his big sister and does his best to keep up with her.  He is doing things so much faster than Sierra - it is scary.  He no longer will sit in his high chair and he just showed us that he can climb in and out of his crib all on his own.  So I guess we will be going to a big boy bed shortly.  He is running, jumping and has no shortage of attitude.  If he doesn't like something he will surely let you know it.  He is not talking yet but he sure knows how to get his point across.

      I am doing very good - busier than ever.  I just can't figure out what I used to do with all my free time.  Things at Delta are grim - working more getting paid less - pretty much the story in every industry right now - right?  I still love the flexibility of the job and all the time I get to spend with the family.  As soon as we get Cooper on board - we hope to be using those travel benefits more!

      We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.  If you are ever in the area - please come visit!

     The Woodard family

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