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Merry Christmas!

2005 gone - very scary!  Time is just flying by!  Sierra is now 4 1/2 years old and Cooper is 2 1/2.  How can our children be that old?  I can only say how much life has improved over this past year!  I think when Sierra and Cooper were little and we moved to Kentucky and living in that horrible little apartment - I couldn't wait for them to grow up and sleep through the night, not change diapers - maybe even send them off to school full time.  Now that we are so much closer to all that happening, it isn't what we want at all.  I want to spend more time with them because they are so much fun to be around right now.  Sierra always amazes us with her knowledge and niceness, and Cooper never fails to get cuter by the day.  Jake has done an excellent job of being a stay at home dad and I think he is finally starting to enjoy it!  I think we have hit a changing point in our lives in that instead of missing out on all of the things we used to be able to do while we were young and single with no responsibilities - now we are enjoying and looking forward to all of the possibilities of sharing the things we like to do with our children.

We went on our first camping trip this past June with our friends Mike and Teri Heist and there 4 year old son Henry.  Our plan was to spend 10 days traveling through Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina camping and visiting the Great Smoky Mountain National park.   Jake had high hopes - I thought we would be home by the 3rd - 4th day having spent the last 2 nights in a hotel.  The kids not only made it all 10 days in a tent - but loved every minute of it!  For those of you with kids, we highly recommend going on vacation with other kids - they entertain themselves and you actually enjoy yourself.  We had so much fun that we are planning on heading to Costa Rica with the Heists in February.  Oh the possibilities!

Jake is looking forward to teaching Sierra how to ski this winter.  We are currently in the market for used kids ski gear - so if you know of any - please let us know.  Our local mountain (ha, ha - hill) will be just fine for her to learn!  The hill also has a sledding area which we plan on having season's passes to this year.  We hope to get Sierra and Cooper to love the snow and open up all kinds of options for family vacations in the future.

So reflecting on this past year, I think we learned a few things.    Don't wish time away - no matter how bad things seem - they can always get worse.  Appreciate what you have, and what we have is a great family and friends!  We may not be living the life we thought we would, but we have 2 wonderful children, great families, and great friends!    We love visiting and spending time when we can and want you to know that you are in our thoughts all of the time.

We are busy making our own traditions - not necessarily where we live - but with our own family.  So maybe it has taken us 2 years to figure out that it is not where you live, but who you are with is what really matters.  I guess we are slow learners.

We love all of you and miss you!

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- The Woodard family

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