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10 October 2004

Cooper’s new trick is to climb the rope ladder at the park.  He finally crossed the “watching where he puts his feet” hurdle.  Oh the predicaments that he will be able to get himself into now . . .

Cooper is also becoming more of a communicator, enjoying the new found pleasure of getting his point across.

We have started allowing Cooper wander a bit more, which he loves.  Sometimes he will find his way to the neighbors’ back yard or will go down stairs by himself.  The independence seems to make him feel like a “big boy”.

During the house project over the last few weeks Cooper hasn’t been getting the attention he is accustomed to from Elaine and I.  Needless to say that he loved Grandma Carol’s visit, with all of the attention that she showered on him.

More than anything, Cooper is fun to be around.  He is a great age, where everything is new and exciting, and (maybe most importantly) he hasn’t learned the finer points of throwing a temper tantrum.

The photos are all bigger file sizes (bigger pictures) than in the past, which will take longer to download.

For those of you with dial-up service, please tell me if the wait isn't worth the larger picture size.

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Elaine and Cooper

On a hike


Playing in the sand


Playing in the sand


Hootin' and hollerin'


Hootin' and hollerin' some more

Sierra, Elaine and Cooper

Grandma Carol and Cooper

Playing with a light switch

Grandma Carol and Cooper

Can't get enough of the light switch

Cooper and Grandma Carol

Eating breakfast

Grandma Carol, Cooper and Sierra

Out for a walk


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