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17 July, 2004

Cooper has been becoming more and more of an independent toddler everyday.  He is very opinionated about what he wants and when he wants it.  Because he is not speaking (English), his opinions are voiced in loud grunts and cries.  His new tricks are to point (to what he wants, or more commonly a bird in the sky) and wave (saying hello and/or goodbye).

Cooper has become very interested in books, studying the pictures, and taking a much greater interest at story time/bedtime.  His current favorite is “Oh my, oh my, dinosaurs!” (Thanks Ken and Haviland).

He had his first haircut while visiting Cleveland. 

Cooper has entered the “perfect child” phase (especially compared to Sierra’s temper tantrum tirade phase).  He is sleeping through the night on a fairly regular basis (finally), he can walk (allowing him explore the world – a.k.a. park/yard/living room) which makes him happy, and he has an easy going disposition.  In about a year everything will change, but he is really fun to be around right now.

A new family video will be available for viewing in a couple of days.  Click here to see if it is up.

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Eating with a spoon

Elaine and Cooper

Waiting for an airplane to take us to Cleveland

Elaine, Cooper and Sierra

Waiting for an airplane to take us to Cleveland

Elaine and Cooper

On the airplane

Airplane view

Downtown Cleveland

Cooper and Conner

Sierra, Cooper and Conner


Cooper, Sierra, Conner and Nick


Uncle Brian and Cooper


Eating corn on the cob

Uncle Jeff and Cooper

Sierra, Cooper and Aunt Margaret

Jake and Cooper


Jake and Cooper


Playing with a book



Sitting in his truck


Pushing his truck

Cooper and Sierra

Playing in Sierra's room

Cooper, Henry, Autumn and Sierra

Playing at the park


Playing at the park

Camille and Cooper

Cooper getting a ride

Sierra, Cooper, Camille and Jordan

Playing in the neighborhood

Jordan and Cooper

Cooper getting a ride

Jordan, Cooper, Sierra and Camille

Cooper, Jordan, Sierra and Camille

Cooper, Camille, Sierra and Jordan

Going for a drive to the park

Camille, Sierra and Cooper



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