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December 2012

I haven't been regularly updating the family website since moving back to the Northwest. I have obviously not been making enough time; being torn by Sierra and Coopers schedules, work and playing in the woods. I also think that the convenience of Facebook has put a dent into me taking the time to add new photos to this site. That being said, I have recently added some new content and will continue to do so as I find the time. The new stuff will appear under the new content links to the left.

We are all doing great and still feel thrilled to be living back in the Northwest! Elaine’s commute to NYC has been working out better than we could have possibly imagined, Sierra is becoming a “tween” before our very eyes, and Cooper is still a happy-go-lucky boy. Life is good!

I hope that everyone is doing well and has a good couple of months. Thanks for taking the time to visit the family website and please check in by dropping us a line, we would love to hear how you are doing!




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