Kentucky Derby

May 2006

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We had a great time attending our first Kentucky Derby.  Chad flew in from Louisiana to join Elaine and I as well as our friends Mike and Teri for the race.  We all (Mike, Teri, Henry, Chad, Elaine, Sierra, Cooper and I) drove down to Louisville on Friday staying with Teri's sister Kathy and her Husband Danny (who showed us wonderful Southern hospitality).  The kids were baby sat on Saturday (race day) by Kathy and Danny's daughter Danielle while we went the big event (thanks again Teri for arranging everything).  The people watching was a sight to see, entertaining us for hours.  The crowd itself varied from a collegiate brew-ha-ha to genteel country club which created an interesting mixture.  Mint Juleps were imbibed by all, fueling the crowd of 140,000 + for the day long festivities.  The race ending up being a pay day for Chad who had Barbaro to "win" as well as Bluegrass Cat to "show", paying out $214.  Giddy up horsy! 

Click here to see a short video of our infield experience

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Jake, Elaine, Mike and Teri

Getting and early start

Jake, Elaine, Chad, Teri and Mike

Enjoying our first Mint Juleps

Churchill Downs


Churchill Downs


Churchill Downs

Betting windows


Making a bet

Churchill Downs

Infield panorama

Teri, Elaine and Jake


Enjoying a Mint Julep

Chad, Jake and Mike

Elaine and Chad

Chad and Teri

Mixing a drink

Our neighbor demonstrating the preferred method (smuggled via zip lock bags)

Churchill Downs


People dressed up

People dressed up

Teri and Chad


With $214 in winning tickets!

Elaine, Jake, Teri and Mike

Leaving the track


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