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McKenzie adapting to her new lot in life.

We purchased McKenzie at the Oregon humane society in in 2000, in a classic 'pre child' couple exercise.  Based on the success we enjoyed with McKenzie, Sierra and Cooper followed shortly after.

An electrical inspector (that's a whole other story . . . don't get me started) recently suggested that McKenzie is a Belgian Malinois.  Based on photos of the breed on the web, I'm inclined to agree.

McKenzie loves having a yard to call her own here in Kentucky.  She is able to run, chase squirrels, dig up/kill moles and bark at the neighborhood delivery men to her hearts content.

Here are some photos of our favorite dog in the whole World!

Click on the images for a larger view


Enjoying a walk in the woods - April 2007


Playing in the snow - Feb 2007


Tuckered out after playing 'fetch'

Cooper and McKenzie

McKenzie digging up a mole


Digging up a mole

McKenzie and Sierra

Playing nice

Taking a mid-day nap

Tuckered out from chasing a stick

Relaxing on her bed

Taking a break at the park

Waiting to retrieve a ball

McKenzie and Sierra

Being abused


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