Roatan Honduras

(April 2009)

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Rob and I had a nice trip to West End Roatan Honduras.  I went through a PADI open water course, getting certified on the proper use of scuba gear down to 60 feet.  It was a thrill to see hawksbill sea turtles and abundant schools of colorful fish, swim through rich coral outcrops and tunnels, as well as feel the weightlessness and freedom of being "neutrally buoyant" floating and spinning 60 feet under water.  The experience has opened up the joys of the underwater universe to me, and I can't wait to go diving again! 

Over our week long stay Rob and I were also able to connect with other travelers, hearing (and telling) tall tails from the four corners of the Earth.  The friendly atmosphere and beautiful beaches made for a relaxing trip.

Unfortunately this trip was marred by the "dark side" of standby travel.  The original concept was for Scott, Dustin, Rob and I to tour as a group. Regrettably Scott and Dustin were unable to make it flying standby out of Portland, giving up after being bumped from countless flights over the course of three days.  Rob and I made it in, but got bumped leaving Roatan, having to scramble to Tegicugalpa (the capitol of Honduras) for a flight home.  Ugg.

Map of the Roatan area


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