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10 October 2004

Sierra is becoming more and more independent everyday.  She has become much less timid with other children her own age, and has started introducing herself and asking if they want to play (“Hi my name is Sierra, do you want to play?”).  We attribute this new found self confidence to her time spent at school.

Speaking of school, Sierra can’t get enough!  She announced the other day that she would like to go five days a week.

During the house project over the last few weeks Sierra hasn’t been getting the attention she is accustomed to from Elaine and I.  Needless to say that she loved Grandma Carol’s visit, with all of the attention that was showered on her.  The day after Grandma Carol and Papa left, she was asking when they were going to visit again, saying “I love Grandma Carol”.

The photos are all bigger file sizes (bigger pictures) than in the past, which will take longer to download.

For those of you with dial-up service, please tell me if the wait isn't worth the larger picture size.

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With make up on her face

Jake and Sierra

On a hike


Playing at the park

Sierra, Elaine and Cooper

Sierra and Grandma Carol

Sierra opening a present from Grandma and Papa

Sierra and Grandma Carol

Sierra blowing her nose

Grandma Carol, Cooper and Sierra

Out for a walk


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