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March 12th 2004

Sierra loves all of the space to play in the new house.  There are a bunch of kids in our new neighborhood which are a source of constant fascination to her.

She is getting use the ‘lay of the land’ at our new library, warming up to the new instructor.  We will also be starting a ‘parent tot’ program at a local preschool this month, which should be fun. 

Sierra enjoyed visiting her old stomping grounds in Portland in early March.  Going to story time at the library, play time at the gym, visiting mommy and daddies friends were just like old times.  Some of the highlights of her N.W. visit were having her grandma and grandpa read to her, and running around hopped up on grandmas’ cookies.

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Henry, Autumn, and Sierra

Having fun at play time

McKenzie and Sierra


Taking a bath

Jeff, Sierra, and Margaret


Doing a summersault

Grandma and Sierra

Building a fire

Grandma and Sierra

Watching the fruits of their labor

Sierra, Cooper, and Grandpa

Playing with legos

Grandma, Goldie-locks, and Sierra

Cooper, Jake, and Sierra

Playing at the gym

Sierra and Cooper

Playing at the gym

Gena, Scott, Grandpa, Elaine, Cooper, Grandma, Molly, Dustin, and Sierra

Eating dinner


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