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17 July, 2004

Sierra loved being the center of attention on her birthday!  She enjoyed the songs, presents, and especially the ice cream birthday cake!

She had a great time visiting with friends and family in Cleveland.  Her highlights were her birthday (obviously), swimming in Grandma and Grandpa’s pool, and visiting with Conner, Nick, Emily, and Eric.

Sierra has been going through a nightmare phase, waking up several times a night afraid of impending thunder storms (we occasionally have “severe thunderstorms” in Cincinnati).  It has been a bit traumatic for the whole family, if anyone has any suggestions, they would be appreciated.

A new family video and Sierra's birthday video will be available for viewing in a couple of days. 

Click here to see if it is up.

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Elaine, Cooper and Sierra

Waiting for an airplane to take us to Cleveland


Waiting for an airplane to take us to Cleveland


Eating a snack on the airplane

Airplane view

Downtown Cleveland

Aunt Margaret and Sierra

Sierra, Cooper and Aunt Margaret


Trying to sneek up on a bunny

Conner and Sierra


Conner and Sierra


Cooper, Sierra, Conner and Nick


Elaine and Sierra

Watching fireworks

4th of July Fireworks

Sierra and Jake

Sierra and Jake

Uncle Jeff and Sierra

Uncle Jeff and Sierra

Sierra telling us how old she is

Neighborhood kids and Sierra

Playing in a pool on a hot day

Cooper and Sierra

Playing in Sierra's room


Camille and Sierra

Sierra going for a ride

Sierra, Cooper, Camille and Jordan

Playing in the neighborhood

Jordan and Sierra

Sierra going for a ride

Jordan, Cooper, Sierra and Camille

Cooper, Jordan, Sierra and Camille

Cooper, Camille, Sierra and Jordan

Going for a ride to the park

Cooper, Henry, Autumn and Sierra

Playing in the park

Henry, Autumn and Sierra

Playing in the park

Autumn, Henry and Sierra

Playing in the park

Sierra and Henry

Playing in the sand

Camille, Cooper and Sierra


Camille and Sierra

Camille reading to Sierra


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