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5 October 2007

After a whirlwind, all be it short summer, we have arrived back in Kentucky and are now getting back into a groove.

Sierra has started the first grade and thoroughly enjoys everything that comes with it.  The learning, the friends, and of course - the recess!  Her reading and math homework have come as a bit of a shock (to her), but now that it has become part of the daily routine, life is much easier (for everyone involved). Often we ask what the favorite part of her school day was, and more often than not she says playing "puppy power" at recess.  To hear Sierra explain the game, it sounds a bit like team freeze tag.  Girls versus the boys of course!  Jake has been volunteering in Sierra's class three days a week (while Cooper is in Pre School), and seems to be enjoying the experience.  We have also purchased a piano keyboard with the hopes of getting Sierra lessons, but the neighborhood recommended teacher has suggested that we wait a year to get her started.  In the mean time Sierra has been "practicing" until her time comes.

Cooper has started his second year of Pre School and loves it.  Mrs. Birmingham is his teacher again and boy what a difference a year makes.  In contrast to last year, dropping Cooper off isn't the separation anxiety filled experience it used to be.  He enjoys school without all of the "Mom and Dad are leaving me and will never come back" fear.  He is also making new friends while not forgetting his best buddy from last year Kirnan. His favorite part of the day is always recess where he busily burns off all the extra energy he contains.  Cooper is also getting much better at the various crafts at school.  He has begun using the entire page for coloring and has expanded his color pallete to include multicolored pieces.  Cooper calls these works of art his "tornados".

Jake and I have just returned from our 10 year anniversary trip to Austria.  We really enjoyed our time hiking in the Alps, which reminded us of carefree days of yore.  The scenery was spectacular and the company was fantastic!  Thank you again Grandma Nita, Grandpa Bill, Grandma Carol and Papa Howard for coming out to watch the kids!

Sierra, Cooper, Jake and I are all looking forward to the traditionally beautiful Midwest fall weather.  Cool days, crisp nights, and maybe even a camping trip or two.  We are also looking forward to an upcoming break in Sierra's school schedule, which we plan to take advantage of by heading down to Bucerias Mexico.  Good food, good weather and hopefully lots of beach time.  It should be fun, fun, fun!

Of course we will be home in plenty of time for all the Halloween festivities.  Sierra and Cooper have been wearing their costumes around the house for days now and can't wait to break them in for "real" as they go trick-or-treating in neighborhood!  Don't worry - we will have plenty of pictures to document the occasion ;-)

I hope everyone has a good month! Take care.


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In our front yard on her first day of 1st grade

Elaine, Sierra and Cooper

In front of Ryland Elementary

Sierra and Jake

In front of Ryland

Sierra and Ali

First day of school


At her big 1st grader desk


About ready to let go of a ballon at Ryland's first day festival

Ryland Elementary School

Letting off their balloons on the first day of school


Watching her balloon drift away


Showing off her first missing tooth

Sierra and friend

Sierra meeting her 3rd grade 'mentor'

Sierra, Cooper and Camille

Playing 'baby'


Ready to go diving in our neighbors pool

Sierra and Cooper

Enjoying pudding for dessert


Enjoying pudding for dessert

Grandma Nita and Sierra

Sierra feeding Grandma some pudding

Grandma Nita and Sierra

Sierra getting ready to go to school

Cooper, Grandma Nita, Sierra and Grandpa Bill

Nancy Ann, Cooper, Grandma Nita, Sierra, Sheri and Sam

Sierra getting ready to car pool to school with Nancy Ann


Grandma Nita and Sierra

Getting ready to go to bed


Sierra, Cooper, Grandma Carol and Papa

Family photo

Upon Elaine's and my return from our ten year wedding anniversary trip to Austria

Sierra, Cooper and Camille

Enjoying a visit from the ice cream man

Jake and Sierra

Sierra with all of her running partners from school

Ali's birthday party

Sierra and Cooper

Test driving their halloween costumes


Enjoying a pony ride at the local farmers market


With 'rainbow' face paint

Cooper, Sierra and Henry

Playing at a local state park


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