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2009/10 season report

I have had a great  first year living back in the good old Pacific Northwest!  Having a pass at Mt. Hood Meadows and riding with family, friends and making trips to get some powder turns in Utah and Tahoe have been a blast! 

Sierra and Cooper are getting noticeably better every day they are on the hill.  On skis they are able to load themselves on lifts, hold their speed on the flats and do full mountain tours.  Sierra has even started challenging herself with black diamond runs!  It has been so much fun watching both Sierra and Cooper get stoked on the mountains!

Sierra also tried snowboarding for a day this spring.  I was hesitant to have her get on a board earlier in the year because of her broken elbow last fall.  Although Sierra was frustrated at being a beginner, I'm thinking that after she starts linking her turns we'll have another shredder in the family!

I'm at 33 days on the hill so far this year (as of May 5th), and am looking forward to a couple more before the snow melts and the summer hiking season starts!


Utah - I went out to Utah in early January and got in two days of riding.  The first day Brent, Mason, Mike and and I hiked up Little Superior from Little Cottonwood, dropped back into Cardiff and out Big Cottonwood.  The next day Brent, Mason, Molly and I did some lift access backcountry riding from Brighton, touring Lacawaxen and Pioneer Ridge.  Although it hadn't snowed in a while, there was still knee deep legendary "Greatest Snow On Earth" to be had in favored aspects.  Thanks again to Brent, Meredith and Ronan for the hospitality!  Here's a link to a short video Brent made.

Tahoe - Some years are better than others out in Tahoe, and this was the best year I've ever had!  (The 9th year of Rob's annual gathering, and my 8th time joining in the festivities) It snowed 7' in the four days I rode for an average of 21" of new snow every day!  Unbelievable!  Chad, Laure and Kelly (along with Rob and I) rounded out the Portland contingent.  Matt was also able to join us for a day up on the hill, which was great.  We rode Kirkwood (twice), Mt. Rose and Alpine Meadows, all of which were epic because of the amazing pow-pow!  As always, Rob's parents, Terry and Rosemary treated us like royalty -  thanks again!

Photos from the season:  Click here for the gallery view, or here for a slideshow view. 


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