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Updated June 13th 2013

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2012/13 season report

It has been another great snowboarding season!  I was able to get 40 days in the mountains this year, a "modern era" record (modern era = post children). As always, it has been a ton of fun riding with family and friends!

Sierra and Cooper had 12 days at Timberline, and are both shredding up the whole mountain (top of Palmer to the bottom of Molly's)! This is their second year with Timberline passes, and both have improved by leaps and bounds! Cooper's highlights were to ride a snow cat to the top of the Palmer lift for the first time (snowboarding down to the lodge - 2,500 vert), and working at catching air in the small park. Sierra seems content to cruise the mountain with a more relaxed flowing style, her highlight was getting much better at floating the pow through trees. Good times!

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Utah - Brent, Mason and I went out to snowboard in the Wasatch in early January. We were able to hike Wolverine and Pink Pine, riding Snowbird the last day (ending our 'resort' day with Brad, hiking out to White Pine - good times!). Thanks again to Mike for hosting Brent, Mason and I!


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