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September 2004

I have started a fun little project hosting this web site on a spare computer.  Please save the new site to your "Favorites/Bookmarks".  The address is: http://woodardphotos.net

Up until September of 2004 I had been using Tripod to host the Woodard family photo web pages.  A disadvantage of this free service was that there were ads that appeared on the top and bottom of every page as well as pop up windows with additional advertisements.  This slowed download times and was (more than anything else) annoying.  So I got rid of Windows, installed Fedora Core Linux (thanks for the technical help Michael), and set up a server.

Running a server is going to be a work in progress for me, and I'm sure there will be problems from time to time.  "Problems" mean that the site will not be able to be viewed.  If you find this to be the case, come back in a day or so, and I'm sure the problem will be fixed.

November 2005

The Behm's gave us their old Dell desktop, which was nicer than the HP machine I was using for the server (To date the HP box, it came new with Windows 98).  I rid the hard drive of Windows, upgraded to Fedora Core 4, finally got a DNS server working, and installed FrontPage extensions - hallelujah!  (Thanks for the technical help Joshua)

April 2006

I added PHP support for the server, enabling neat integrated things like random photos, our weather here in Kentucky, and hosting my own search engine.

May 2006

 Added MYSQL support, enabling database collection (a.k.a. automatically compiling data for the search engine).

I finally figured out why .wmv videos (the format that the family videos are in) were not playing in the Firefox browser (and causing it to crash).  I didn't have the basement family server configured to recognize the .wmv file type.  Now that I edited the httpd.conf file with the line:  AddType video/x-ms-wmv .wmv - things work like a dream.  The point being that you should be able to view family videos using the Firefox  browser now.
Aren't you happy to know . . .

April 2007

I learned how to clone a hard drive today.  This is the ultimate back up tool for my basement server.  This also makes it almost easy to set up those of you who would like to host your own site.


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