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Family video # 15

I used different software this time around to piece this movie together.  Although the software did have some neat features, it didn't have the ability to adjust the sound level of specific clips allowing seamless audio / background music (it needs a better sound mixer).  With that in mind, the sound is a bit choppy.


Length: 14 minutes 38 seconds


  • Sierra and Cooper going for a ride in Grandpa's 'fast car'.

  • Sierra at swim lessons.

  • Cooper and Sierra playing in the neighborhood.

  • Grandma Carol, Sierra and Cooper carving pumpkins.

  • Playing in the back yard leaves.

  • Welcoming home Daddy after his trip to Nepal.

  • Sierra playing with Buddhist prayer flags.

  • Sierra singing 'where is thumbkin'.

  • Elaine, Sierra and Cooper singing 'you are my sunshine'.

  • Sierra running on Playa Hermosa Costa Rica.

  • Cooper chasing bubbles on playa Hermosa Costa Rica

  • Cooper running in the back yard.

  • Sierra and Cooper swinging.

  • Cooper's head welt.

  • Cooper and sierra swinging.

  • McKenzie is a good dog.

  • Sierra riding down a slide on a skateboard.

  • Sierra riding on a quad.

  • Sierra and Cooper spinning around on the front lawn.

  • Camille and Sierra cruising around the neighborhood.

  • Camille and Cooper cruising around the neighborhood.

Bonus footage

  • My dad and I biking on Gooseberry Mesa Utah

A reminder - there is audio, so adjust your volume accordingly.

The video is a 94 mb file.

Download times:

4 and 1/2 hours with a 56k connection

2 hours and 15 minutes with a broadband connection

 45 minutes with a DSL connection

5 minutes with a "T" line at your local library

This is where the video clip will play

Download Microsoft Media Player if you do not see a video on this page


Because video files are so large, they will take a quite a while to download (For those of you with a dial-up connection, I would suggest that you leave the computer on while doing something else).  Once the file has downloaded, you can save it to your computer in the same way you have been saving the family photos (right click your mouse - save video as).  That way you can view the video in the future without having to wait for it to download again. 

If you are unable to view this video - you need to use Internet Explorer (web browser) and probably need to install Microsoft media player.  Click here to download.

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