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Mountains (snowboarding) 2004 video

 **March trip**


Length: 6 minutes 26 seconds


  • Mt Hood fly by

  • Brent and Steve drinking lunch (note the "Ski Gee")

  • Mt Hood Meadows mid season snow pack

  • Arne motoring up the trail

  • Mt Raymond

  • Powder turns by Arne

  • Powder turns by Mike

  • Powder turns by Ken

  • Powder turns and a tree run out to the road by Jake

A reminder - there is audio, so adjust your volume accordingly.

The video is a 33 mb file.

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20 minutes with a DSL connection

3 minutes with a 'T line' connection at you local library

This video was shot from a McDonnell Douglas MD-88, the Mt. Hood Meadows parking lot, and the backcountry of the gorgeous Wasatch Mountains on a “considerable” avalanche forecast day (forecast by the U.S. Forest service), so we kept our slope angles low and in the trees.

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