What I've been up to other than being Mr. Mom

Snowboarding with family and friends this winter (2012-2013)! Photos/video here.


A family trip to Nicaragua over spring break. Photos and video.


A whirlwind snowboarding trip to Salt Lake City. Photos and video here.


A fun 6 day family trip over Thanksgiving week to Amsterdam! Photos and video here.


A fantastic three week family trip to Peru! Photos and video here.


A fun week visiting Elaine's family in Ohio.


Having a great time snowboarding with family and friends this winter (2011-2012)! Photos/videos here.


A family trip to Playa Grande Costa Rica for spring break.


A snowboarding trip to interior BC (Canada).


A whirlwind trip to Quito (Ecuador).


A great month long car camping trip around the northwest.


Taking a whirlwind trip to Rome with Elaine.

Making powder turns in the trees - video

Elaine, Sierra, Cooper and I had a fantastic three week trip to Thailand!  I have posted the photos here, and hope to have a trip report written in the near future.

I had tons of fun snowboarding the winter of 2010-2011.  Photos/videos here

I had a fun five-day mountain biking trip to The Maze district of Canyonlands National Park.

I had a fun week long visit to Cuzco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu in Peru!

We had a nice family camping trip to Crater Lake National Park.

The family had a great three week car camping tour of Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Glacier National parks!

I had a fun whirlwind trip to New York City and Kiev (Ukraine), joining Elaine as she worked a trip. 

We had a great family four day camping trip to Lost Lake up on Mt. Hood! (Photos)


Had a fun guys weekend down at the McKenzie River cabin!


Hiking in the Gorge 


Attending Sierra and Cooper's end of the school year festivities and filed trips.

The 2009/10 snowboarding season in review (photos)

Spring Break and Easter on the McKenzie River

Family trip to Guatemala and Honduras 2010

SEVEN FEET of snow in four days!  I spent an unbelievable week in Tahoe, riding Kirkwood, Alpine Meadows and Mt. Rose.  Thanks again to the Krystofiak's for all of the hospitality!  Here are a few photos.

I went out to Utah for a couple of days and had a great time snowboarding with friends.  Check out the photos and a short video.


We pulled the kids out of school for a couple of days and rode Timberline and Meadows, spending the night up at Cooper Spur with the Siegel's.  Everyone did better than expected in the single digit temperatures (even Elaine - thank goodness for down jackets).  Sierra and Cooper are getting noticeably better every day they ride, enabling us to tour the whole mountain (on intermediate runs).


We had a great family day up on Mt. Hood riding Meadows!  Cooper tore up Vista, and Sierra shredded Cascade.  It was a fantastic sunny start to the season for Elaine and the kids!  Playing "hooky" was never so much fun!


Snowboarding up on Mt. Hood (Meadows opened November 11th).  It has been great to make powder turns with old friends! (7 days ridden as of December 2nd)


Working at REI


The whole family had a great Halloween!


Visiting Jordan with Elaine.


Getting Sierra and Cooper settled into their new school.


Sierra's broken arm saga


Spending time with the family at the McKenzie River cabin.


Moving into our new house in Camas.

Selling our Kentucky house and driving 2,400 miles across country in a big old Budget rental truck pulling a car trailer.

Packing - packing - packing along with working through the logistical issues of selling a house in Taylor Mill Kentucky, belonging from one location to the other.

Elaine and I flew out to Portland for a frantic day of house shopping the last weekend in May.

Elaine and I took a whirlwind visit out to Portland the second weekend of May to do some preliminarily house shopping, see a few friends and even squeezed in a Gorge hike.

Rob and I had fun in Roatan (Honduras).

We had a great family trip to Costa Rica for spring break.

Getting the house on the market (as they say).

Elaine, Sierra, Cooper and I had a fantastic family snowboard/ski trip to Salt Lake City.

I made a last minute snowboarding trip to the Canyons (Utah) and Kirkwood (Lake Tahoe) January 25th - 28th.  36 hours out I had no plans to make the trip, but then Rob called saying that he was extending his Tahoe stay because of an incoming storm and that I should join in the fun.  After mulling it over for an hour or so, I frantically got my "ducks in a row".  Because all of my snowboarding gear was at Molly's house in Salt Lake, I flew in, picked it up (in a $17 rental car), and drove up to the Canyons ski resort (where they give out free lift tickets to people who show up at their ticket window with a same day airplane boarding pass from the SLC airport).  After closing down the Canyons, I drove back to the SLC airport and flew to Reno, where Tai (who had driven down from Oregon) picked me up.  Rob, Tai, Billy, Tom (a.k.a "Timmy") and I spent the next two bluebird days riding Kirkwood and enjoying the legendary Krystofiak hospitality (thanks again).  The powder was great, riding with friends was fantastic, and making a last minute trip happen was priceless!

Working with Elaine and my Dad on some house projects.

I had fun snowboarding with John and Meredith out in Utah the second week of January.  John and I discovered that the Canyons ski resort (near Park City) gives out free lift tickets to people who show up at their ticket window with a same day airplane boarding pass from the SLC airport, which made for a fun afternoon of riding.  Although the snow quality at the Canyons and Solitude wasn't as good as the previous week, a good time was still had by all!  (Thanks again to Molly and Mike for the hospitality!)

I had a fantastic solo snowboarding trip to Utah the first week of January.  It was really nice to reconnect with old friends and my timing couldn't have been any better with the weather.  It dumped copious amounts of snow both days I rode at Solitude, with thigh deep powder in the wind favored trees and bowls.  Yee haw!

The magic of Christmas at home with the family was a great!  Sierra and Cooper still "believe", making for true "parental moments" for Elaine and I.  We delayed Santa's arrival by a day so that Elaine (returning from a trip to Germany) could join in the fun.  I put Sierra and Cooper on an "outside information black-out", with no computer, radio, T.V. or phone calls starting on the 23rd in an effort to not spoil the surprise, and although Sierra questioned me long and hard about the "extra day", I was able to pull off the feat! 

We had a fun family evening taking Sierra and Cooper to see the Cincinnati Ballet perform the Nutcracker at the Aronoff Center.  Although I was a bit skeptical of the "ballet experience" going into it, I was extremely impressed with the visual spender and chorography as well as the orchestral music.  It was truly stunning!  Even Cooper (who wasn't happy about going) was thrilled with the production!